Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Family Fun and a Scary Car Ride!

We counted our blessings this weekend as we narrowly missed being in a car accident...

We decided on Saturday to go to the Home & Garden Show after I won two free tickets to it. We love going to it and the girls always have fun...plus Grammy & Papa went with us and we loved seeing them! Karma was showing itself when after asking a woman if he could help her with her wheelchair, a man offered Mike three more free tickets (so none of us had to pay to get in).

We knew that bad weather was supposed to come in on Sunday but by the time we left the show at about 6pm the storm had already started. The roads were already getting slick (and we were about an hour away from home) so we slowly made our way home. About 30 miles away from home as we were passing an exit, a car slid between us and the car in front of us (almost hitting us)...it's not clear to us if they had missed the exit or if they slid out of control on the ice/slush but they were going WAY to fast. As they slid across our lane into the exit they hit the rear end of a car and that car spun around and and came right at us. Thank goodness Mike was driving and his quick reflexes kept them from hitting us. All I remember is closing my eyes and praying that we would be kept safe. We were all pretty shook up for the rest of the ride home!

Mike and Lexy playing at the "Trash Monster". Lexy loved using all the trash to add to the sculpture!

Brooke & Kenzie painting

Lexy in her "bug" hat. They were making these cute hats out of wrapping paper. I was surprised when Lexy asked to make one as she isn't the girly hat type...I should have known, as soon as the hat was done she said she needed to decorate it to make it into a bug :-)

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