Friday, February 5, 2010

Catching Up

Ok, so I know I haven't updated in a while and I left off sounding kind of down and out BUT in no way is that why I have stayed away :) Life has just been busy and I have been sick (strep).

I was disappointed to hear that the girls best interest staffing was already scheduled and that we wouldn't be able to be considered but while we had hoped that we would get things done in time we had prepared ourselves for this. So now we move on.

Because of being sick I have neglected getting the copies made and our adoption paperwork sent back in so that is first on my to do list. We will move forward with getting our homestudy update done, we know there was a reason that those three sweet girls sparked our interest enough to get off our hineys and get our homestudy done sooner rather than later. Maybe our child(ren) is already waiting for us, so we will work hard to get things done and keep our eyes and hearts open to what is in store for us :-)

Besides Lexy (first a bad cold and then an ear infection) and I being sick we have been busy going to games to watch Brooke cheer, a family fun outing to Jeepers, a girls day out for Brooke & I and Robin & Kenzie (shopping for 8th grade promotion formals), having a cousins sleep over when Ashley and baby Toby stayed overnight while CJ & Jess got to celebrate CJ's birthday with a night out and I've started watching baby Toby a couple of days a week while Jess is taking classes. So here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure...

That's Brooke on top!

Brooke & Kenzie

Lexy loving her ride!

Some sliding fun

Sisterly Love!

Lexy has been asking if cousin Ashley can come back every day since she was over.

Look at that chunk-a-monk :-)

Brooke is the baby hog of the house...hmm she must have learned that from me!


Anonymous said...

For months I thought for sure that Heavenly and Damion were ours. I fought and fought on the phone and in emails with case workers. It didn't work. I was heartbroken. Then we got matched with a birthmom. We were thrilled. Then she decided not to adopt the baby out. We were beyond devastated. But then....THEN I found OUR boy. Had any of the above worked out we wouldn't have Alex and it just seems....perfect. He's ours. I can't imagine any other.
It will happen. Keep chugging forward.

BlessedMom62 said...

That chunk-a-monk is absolutely adorable!!!!!