Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lexy's V-Day Party

I was pleasantly surprised how many parents showed up for Lexy's Kindergarten Valentine's Day party. Our town is notorious for parents not wanting to take part in school activities but so far this class has been different. I haven't even had to be in charge of any parties except Halloween this year (usually I'm the one planning every party). It was nice to go and concentrate on and enjoy my daughter! Lexy did ask why she didn't get a stuffed animal or balloons sent to school like some of her friends (I'm not giving the girls their valentine's until Sunday) so I promised next year I would send something to school for her!
Lexy asked for a picture (last one) with her friends Chase and Brandon. Later I was asking her who gets in trouble the most in her class and she said "Chase and Brandon"...OH GREAT!!!

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