Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Adoption Update

Today we asked our adoption worker to submit our homestudy on a sibling group of three (4 yo girl, 2 yo boy, almost 1 yo girl).  These kiddos are from another state so I'm not sure how the process will go or if we will even hear anything back but something really tugged at me to submit our homestudy.

I'm thinking we should hear soon about two best interest staffings (BIS) that we are supposed to be included in here in our state...the twin boys (3.5)/little girl (2) sib set and the boy (3.5)/girl (2.5) sib set.  Both cases should be getting close to scheduling the staffings to decide on a family.  In both cases there are relatives/foster parents interested so we're not holding our breath but we are very interested to hear what is decided.

This process is SO exhausting but I know it will be SO worth it when we have our little ones home with us...whoever those little ones are!  As a family we talk about adding more kids often, last night Lexy said "boy this is a lot harder than adopting a dog huh?!...all we had to do to get Rex is see his picture, know he was the one for us and we just got him." 

Yeah I wish it were that easy :-)


Giorgianni said...
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Giorgianni said...

Wow, a sibling group of 3! That's exciting! And worthy of a medal! :) I hope you get good news quickly! I have been curious about several children we have seen but I'm never sure if it's just my emotions because we want to find that special child so bad or if it's something telling me he/she is the one, I guess that's where you take a step of faith. :) I hope to hear good news from you soon though! Good luck!