Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow & Sickies

Well the girls have a snow day tomorrow and there is no snow....YET!  The weather people are saying we are going to get 12+ inches by tomorrow night.  I have mixed feeling about that...I'm kinda ready for winter to be done, I'm sick of the cold/snow/drearyness BUT my girls have never seen 12+ inches of snow!  So I suppose as long as we can stay in the warm house and watch the snow from there I'm good with it :) 

As for the sickies, Lexy got us started when she woke up Friday with a fever :(  The doctor wasn't sure if she had the beginnings of a sinus infection/virus/strep throat but put her on antibiotics.  She's feeling better except at night when she has a hard time breathing and sometimes sounds like she's coughing up a lung.  I started feeling icky on Sat. and then Mike's icky started on Sun.  Whatever this is it's wiping us out!  So far (knock on wood) Brooke hasn't gotten this but she's avoiding us and taking vitamin c like they're candy.  BUT I have to say I would much rather us have this icky than the other one going around town with the pukes!

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