Saturday, January 29, 2011

What is there to do in Ecuador?

A man visited Lexy's school to talk about his travels to Ecuador and show pictures.  A few nights later, Lexy announced to Mike and I that she and Brandon (whom she has called her boyfriend since last year) are going to get married, move to Ecuador and have two children when they get old enough :-)  She said that both her and Brandon loved hearing about and seeing pictures of Ecuador and they both want to live there.  We told her that Ecuador is a long way away and we would miss her, without missing a beat she said "you can visit us a lot!".  Isn't she supposed to want to stay with us forever???  At this age Brooke told us that when she got married her husband was going to move into our then spare bedroom and they would both live with us forever :-)

Earlier this school year, Brandon's mom told me that Brandon told his grandpa that he had a girlfriend (Lexy) and when grandpa asked "well is she cute" Brandon responded with "well duh, I like her don't I!"  Wouldn't it be so awesome if they did end up together one day?!  Lexy says he's her boyfriend because he makes her laugh everyday, what better reason could there be :-)

So I guess we need to start researching what there is to do in Ecuador!

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