Saturday, July 2, 2011

Adoption Update

We've gotten a small update on two of our situations...

Sib group of 4 - their worker contacted ours and is very interested in having us in a staffing (to choose a family) at the end of July/beginning of August.

Sib group of 2 (g-3, b-1)- their worker contacted ours asking if we were still licensed foster parents or willing to relicense.  Seems that these two may need a foster to adopt family as not only is the TPR being appealed but there is going to be another sibling.  We don't want to relicense (done w/ fostering!) but we did tell our worker we'd be willing to do a legal risk placement if that was a possiblity - haven't heard back.

Sib group of 2 (b-4, g-3) - still waiting for more information.

And two more situations to consider...

We received a profile for an almost 2 year old boy w/ our agency.  We submitted our homestudy but there is a ton of interest.

The other night while browsing the waiting child websites, I came across a sibling set (b-3, g-2) that we had submitted our homestudy for last year in another state.  A relative popped up at that time but now they are looking for a family again.  Sent an e-mail asking our worker to inquire and submit our homestudy again.

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