Thursday, July 14, 2011

Adoption Update

Things are getting confusing with all the situations but here goes...

Sib group of 4 (g-5, g-4, g-2, b-1)- BIS scheduled for Aug. 10th.  We asked for and received some more information on the 4 yr. old's autism.  Not proud to say that I had a little freak out party (poor Mike) about this whole situation yesterday and almost pulled our homestudy from the BIS but I'm feeling better about it today and I know that God will provide us with everything we would need to parent these kiddos if we are meant to.

Sib group of 2 (g-3, b-1) (future sibling) (TPR appeal)- our worker e-mailed the kids' worker about our willingness to do a legal risk placement if it's a possibility but she's heard nothing back. Update: kids worker e-mailed, they will be looking into foster/adopt homes only :(

Sib group of 2 (b-4, g-3) - We're not sure about this situation.  They have suffered an abuse that we don't wish to knowingly bring into our home so we are asking lots of questions and waiting for answers.

Almost 2 year old boy w/ our agency - BIS is being postponed until an appt. for a neurological exam can be made.  Update: tentative BIS date set for 8/15

Sibling set (b-3, g-2) that we had submitted our homestudy for last year in another state. Homestudy submitted.


Sibling set (b-4, b-2) w/our agency - Rec'd profile.  Waiting for a picture and answers to a couple of questions.  Update: 5 families submitted, team will probably narrow down next week.


Dustine said...

Hello. I'm stopping over from "all are precious in His sight". I was reading over your timeline for your adoption. Praying you are matched soon with your kiddo(s).
We are hoping to have our homestudy completed soon (by fall?) and then hope to adopt a sibling group that are waiting for a family.
Nice to meet you. :)
Blessings to you and your family.

Sharla said...

When we were in the midst of our most recent adoption and had originally applied for one child but God called us to adopt siblings, I felt overwhelmed at the possibility of parenting 7 kids and wasn't sure I could do it. The quote that I clung to was "God does not call the qualified. He qualifies the called." That's the quote that comes to mind when I read through this.