Tuesday, July 12, 2011

THE questions have begun

Lexy and I were sitting here eating lunch watching TV when she turned around and began this conversation...

Lexy - "I'm adopted right?"
Me - "Yes you are."
Lexy - "Then do I have a real mom?"
Me - "Yes you have a birth mom."
Lexy - "Do you know her?"
Me - "Yes I know who she is."
Lexy - "So then I have two moms."
Me - "Yes you have your birth mom who grew you in her tummy and me (mommy) who has loved and cared for you."

At this point Lexy shook her head yes and then turned back to her food/tv.  In some ways I wanted to continue the conversation but I'm going to follow her lead, she'll ask more when she's ready.

I sure hope I'm doing this right!  It's so hard to know.  We've always talked about adoption openly and we decided a long time ago that any questions asked will always be answered honestly.  All I want is for Lexy to feel loved, heard, understood and treasured.

Just the other day Lexy, Brooke and I were talking about how Lexy likes to be creative (like sewing plastic canvas) like I do and Brooke really doesn't like those things.  Lexy said "isn't it funny that even though I'm adopted and you had Brooke that I'm more like you than she is?"  :)  I hope she always feels that closeness!

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