Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Fun Week 8

It has been hotter than hot the past couple of weeks with no end in sight but we did still manage to have some summer fun :)

We went over to Robin's house to swim in their pool (so the moms could stay in the air conditioned house and watch from the window!).  At the end of the day Brooke was the proud owner of the most burnt face in town (maybe she'll remember her face next time she puts on sunblock!).

We went school shopping one day.  We got almost all of Lexy's supplies, some of Brooke's and we found both of their bags (rolling for Lexy, over the shoulder for Brooke) and their first day of school outfits.  I can't believe that we only have a few weeks of summer left. :(

Daddy took the day off and joined us at Zonkers.  We took cousins, Toby & Ashley with us for the fun and met Robin and her kids up there...

On Friday we met Grammy & Papa to drop Lexy off.  She ended up staying two nights (first sleepover for her) and got VERY spoiled!!  She already wants to go back :)  While Lexy was gone, Brooke got some mommy & daddy time all to herself...and wasn't real thrilled with it haha.  We did do some shopping and rented movies but she said it was boring with no one to fight with!

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