Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well, as we wind down our transition time for J & J and get them settled into their new home tomorrow we have more exciting news...


A foster friend of ours received a placement of twins a few weeks ago. She does not feel that these are "her kids" and has asked for them to be moved. We have went to see them a couple of times and babysat last night for them and they will move into our home on Sunday for a few days for us to make sure they are a good fit for our family. If everything goes well the twins will be moving to our house permanently...or at least as permanently as foster care can be.

The twins (or pickle and tator as we will call them) are both boys and 3 mos. old but were 10 weeks premature so their adjusted age (what they look and act like) is 2 weeks old. They were both born at 3 lbs. and now are right around 10 lbs.! Right now they are on apnea monitors but hopefully they'll be able to get off of those soon and both have acid reflux. Because of their prematurity they will have to be watched closely for hearing loss and eye problems along with numberous other things that can develop. We pray that these boys will continue to be healthy and with no complications due to their prematurity and the drug use of their birth mom but if problems do arise we will deal with those as they present themselves.

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