Sunday, March 8, 2009

My little...big girl!

Dear Lexy,

Wow, you are 5 years old did the time go by so quickly?! I remember the day so clearly that you came into our life, you were so small and scared at 4 mos. old. A few days later I fell completely in love with you when I went to get you up from your nap and you looked into my eyes and had a look that said "wow, that's the person the comes everytime I need something, that must me my mommy!". It took you two weeks to give me your first was SO worth the wait!

You have brought so much joy into mommy, daddy and sissy's life. You are SO funny, you seem to be constantly coming up with something to entertain us. You love to play with your dinosaurs, bugs, little animals and people play in the water and play games with us. You love to help me cook and bake. Some of your favorite things are Lovey, sock monkey, froggy and now your t-rex (Rexy) that you built yesterday at build-a-dino. Your favorite color is green. You say you want to be a spy and make little dinosaurs happy when you grow up.

This year has been one of new experiences for you...your first trip to an amusement park, your first year of school (preschool), an eye surgery. You also got to experience your first "classmates" birthday party yesterday. You loved sharing your love for dinosaurs with your friends and being the center of attention. I hope that this coming year proves to be an exiting and fun year for you!

I love your hugs and kisses and when you say "I love you Mommy" for no reason at all. I love that you are independent but also look to me for reassurance in a new situation. I love that I am the one that you feel most comfortable with in this entire world and that you like to cuddle in my arms. I love that I am your Mommy. I LOVE YOU!!!


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Yaya said...

Awwwwww! Happy Birthday Lexy!