Sunday, March 29, 2009

A prayer

Prayers for Stellan

The little guy above is Stellan, a five month old little guy that is in need of our thoughts and prayers. You can go to his mom's blog at to read more about him but the short version is that Stellan is in the hospital right now fighting to bring his heartbeat back to normal. His heart is beating way to fast for his little body and the doctors are having a hard time figuring out what will fix this.

You can also visit Stellan's Name Gallary to see the pictures of Stellan's name that people are sending to his mama to let her know we are thinking of Stellan and their family. After dinner tonight I told the girls and Mike about Stellan and the name pictures and Brooke, Lexy & Kenzie made pictures with spaghetti noodles to e-mail to Stellan...

Please join us in sending prayers to Stellan and his family!

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