Thursday, March 5, 2009

A time to Celebrate!!!!!

Lexy FINALLY was able to open her eye today! A mere 6 days after surgery, when they told us she would be "all better" within a couple of days. By this afternoon she was able to take the cold cloth off of her eye and wear sunglasses when we went out. She says it feels better except that it hurts to look to the left with her left eye and it itches. Her eye still looks pretty red and inflamed but hopefully in the next couple of days that will go away...just in time for her 5th birthday party on Saturday!

AND she said tonight that she wants to go to preschool tomorrow...I couldn't believe when those words came out of Lexy's mouth. She always complains of the work at school, she must really miss her friends! I told her that she could decide in the morning as her eye always seems worse in the morning.
Thank you for all your prayers!


blessedmomto7 said...

Glad you're better Lexy!

Bee and Rose said...

God bless her little heart (and eye!) My husband has been through multiple eye surgeries. I am here for you all:) Sending lots of get well wishes to Lexy!