Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our Saturday

Today Lexy asked several times "where are we going today?"...poor thing her mind is now set on spring break fun time! She even had a hard time going to sleep tonight, I think it was from lack of being totally worn out and exhausted at the end of the day, so I laid down with her for some cuddles before she went to sleep.

I spent today working on spring cleaning our master bedroom. It's not quite done yet but I made a huge dent in the decluttering, organizing, cleaning, beautifying in there! I'll post pictures later this week.

Mike spent the day napping, fixing lunch and getting dinner, and helping me with the bedroom (I let him have the nasty task of taking all the "stuff" that belongs elsewhere to their homes.

Brooke & Kenzie spent today working on planning their birthday parties (both in May). They made signs and lists and giggled and talked all day. At the end of the day Brooke came out to show us a new duct tape purse that she made...

She said she wanted to make a purse that looks like a skirt, I think she did great! The handles are clear plastic that I bought a few years back to use on Brooke's "purse" b-day cake that I made.

Thank you Maamaw & Grandpa Tom for coming by this morning to bring Brooke some new duct tape and Lexy some dinosaurs and mats!

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blessedmomto7 said...

That purse is darling! What a creative girl-LOVE IT!