Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break Family Fun - Day 4

I've now had two people comment to me that I haven't wrote about yesterdays spring break family fun so I better get to it. I'm so glad that you're reading and waiting for my posts!!

Yesterday started out with Lexy in a bad mood saying that she was too tired to go anywhere but Daddy saved the day by suggesting that we spend the night last night in a hotel (Brooke & Lexy's favorite thing to do!). So we packed our overnight bags (both girls are getting REALLY good at doing this without any help) and headed up. We were too early to get our room so we headed over to Kaliedoscope where there is a free craft time (provided by Hallmark). We stayed there for about an hour making crafts as a family.

Then we headed to Crown Center (a mall). Most of the shops are WAY too expensive for casual shopping but we did get some yummy chocolate goodies in one store and each of the girls got a small gift from the toy store that was having a sale. The mall was also having a Wizard of Oz exhibit for kids, note to self...let Lexy watch Wizard of Oz. Although Lexy really enjoyed the exhibit I think she would have even more if she would have seen the movie before.

For dinner we ate at Fritz's, a great railroad themed restaurant that gives you gorgeous hats to wear, you call in your order over the phone and then a train rides around the top of the wall to bring your food to you...Lexy absolutely loved this place!!

We then went over to our hotel for the night. We spent the evening swimming, snacking and watching TV. The hotel was very nice but their "indoor/outdoor pool" left a lot to be desired!

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Bee and Rose said...

This really inspires me to get out with my kiddos!