Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm still here...

Not much to write about in the past few days. While we had a good weekend, we really did nothing special or picture worthy :-)

Yesterday I spent the day with my good friend Tiffany and her nine kiddos (one was at school so really only 8). Tiffany is very sick with an illness that was brought from Ethiopia with one of her newly adopted (and gorgeous) little ones. I have never seen her so sick hopefully it won't be much longer, hang in there Tiffany! I was very happy to help out yesterday although Tiffany's daughter Morgan is amazing and has stepped in and taken on the responsibility without complaint for the past couple of weeks. You know I'm here for you if needed!

Speaking of friends, my bloggy friend Yaya has been so much on my mind in the past week. Yaya (Alicia) and I have e-mailed and read each others blogs for quite a while now and I consider her a good friend from afar (she's in NY). Yaya has been trying to become a mommy for seven years and in the past year has included foster/private adoption in her quest. While in the midst of a family tragedy last week, Yaya and her hubby Josh got THE CALL from their adoption worker...they had been matched with a birthmom and their baby boy was due this week. I was SO thrilled for my friend! Unfortunately the birthmom chose to parent the baby after giving birth over the weekend and Yaya was told the news yesterday. Yaya shared her disappointment on her blog and evidently got slammed for sharing her feelings. Who has the right to judge...much less actually put that judgement in a comment to a wonderful person that is grieving! It makes me kind of glad that I wasn't blogging when we lost some of our most precious foster babies (Alex, Isaiah & Puddin') b/c in the midst of my grief I don't think I would have handled negative comments very well! My heart is breaking for Yaya and her hubby. All they want is to have a family...they will be such great parents! Please know Yaya and Josh that despite those negative comments, there are many of us out here that are your biggest supporters and pray everyday that you will be blessed with the child that you want and deserve!


Yaya said...

Thank you. :(
I was able to process the tragic death in our family. I was then able to process not getting the baby. But I am not able to process people's cruel and hateful words. Why are people like that??

Ninemire said...

And her friend Tiffany was so thankful she took the time to come over and help and be a fresh face for the children to look at and talk to.
Thanks Friend!!!