Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sometimes you just have to laugh...

Yesterday Mike was off of work for Veteran's Day...we thought we would accomplish so much...ha!

It all started on Tuesday night when Lexy broke the sound mechanism in one of her beloved musical snow globes that she has gotten from Grammy & Papa. She brought it out to Mike in tears in hopes that he could fix it for her. After many trips back out to check on the progress, she finally went to sleep.

After getting the girls off to school, Mike treated me to breakfast out. After breakfast we stopped by Wal-Mart to do a little Christmas shopping. We walked out of there with ONE present...not much accomplished there! Although I do have quite a collection already waiting to be wrapped.

We headed back home where Mike spent another good while trying to fix Lexy's snow globe...nope didn't accomplish that!

So we moved on to trying to hook up the VCR/DVD player that I bought for Mike two years ago (yes we are a little slow at getting around to things)...probably should have gotten to this one sooner! We found out about two hours later after much trial and error and a couple of phone calls that the tuner is now an "extra feature" on a VCR/DVD player and if you have regular cable (not digital or satellite) that the cheaper players without this extra feature are totally unusable and worthless to you!!! Now you see if we had done this...oh I don't know TWO YEARS AGO we could have returned said player and found the extra cash to upgrade to one with that extra feature. As it is we not only did not accomplish getting our new VCR/DVD player set up but we are also out that $ and have a worthless piece of junk staring at us (I think it's laughing at us!).

As it got closer to time to pick Lexy up from school we decided that we wanted to go in search of a new Christmas snow globe for Lexy to replace hers that now didn't work. We finally DID accomplish this after traipsing around town to FOUR different stores, she loved it! BUT...

After dinner Lexy was happily playing with her new musical snow globe in the kitchen when we heard a loud crash and saw a million little pieces of glass fly everywhere!!! Lexy was fine (except for the big crocodile tears running down her face and her repeating "but that was my favorite snow globe" over and over). Mike and I probably looked like crazy people making sure we got all the tiny pieces of glass picked hand, towel, broom and vacuum.


As we drove back to the store to pick out another new snow globe, Mike and I just laughed and laughed every time we looked at each other...what else could we do after the day we had!

We may not have accomplished much for the day but we sure are thankful...

We have wonder grandparents for our daughters (even if they do buy gifts that cause such drama) :-)

We have jobs that we can have a day off from but know they are still there!

We have each other to spend time having breakfast with.

We have a car that runs that can take us to where we want/need to go (knock on wood).

We have two beautiful daughters that we have the privilege of raising, loving and buying presents for.

We have a useless piece of junk formerly called a VCR/DVD player but hey it's OUR useless piece of junk!

We have money to spoil our daughters every once in a while. Even buying two snow globes in one day!

We have a home with a kitchen...even if the floors may forever have tiny shards of glass lingering in the corners!

We have love, happiness and the ability to just laugh!

So how was your day????

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