Monday, November 30, 2009

Comfort Zones

Recently I have found myself surrounded (in real life and blog world) with stories of families going above and beyond what they ever dreamt they would to add to their family. They have stepped out of their comfort zone to do what they felt they were being led to do.

I've been pondering what I'm supposed to be learning from knowing about these situations. I've found myself wondering what made those families know what path they were to take, what made them step out of their comfort zone, were they scared but knew this is what they were meant to do so accepted without question and moved forward???

I think I might have gotten a glimpse of what I'm supposed to be learning when I opened up a photolisting of waiting children on Wednesday evening. I think just maybe I was having my eyes opened to the fact that what we thought was what and how we were supposed to add to our family may not be the plan after all! We have been under the impression that we were working towards doing a special needs adoption (possibly thu the agency in New York) of an infant. While we were having some set backs in moving forward with this, we were excited.

I look at photolistings of waiting children almost daily. Most waiting children are not single children and certainly not infants...both things that we felt we were being led really not sure why I still look at these daily. On Wed. night when I was searching thru the photolistings I came across a sibling group of three little ones. I kept going back to their much so that I finally called Brooke and Mike over to look at them. We talked about them a little and then went to bed.

The next morning Mike woke me up asking if I was going to call about the little girls that I had shown him the picture of. I asked if he was really serious...he doesn't usually say anything about any kiddos I tell him about. He said he thought we should look into it so that evening I filled out a form of interest and e-mailed it. We should hear something soon (or at least the website says they will contact us within 2 business days)!

Ok sooooo....the comfort zone thing.....we have never considered adding three more children at once nor do we have the space in our house! The day after I sent in our form of interest I kinda freaked out in my mind about the what if's, hows, whys etc. I let myself freak for a little bit and then realized that if it's meant to be then we will get the answers we need and we will be provided what we need to prepare for and care for these kiddos. We have the love to share and that's the most important part!

We have been talking all weekend about these girls and we are all excited for the possibility. Lexy even says she will share (her home, toys and parents) with them and show them how to play quietly in the mornings so we can sleep :-) But we've also talked a lot about that these may not be our daughters/sisters but maybe just another eye opening experience on our journey (like when we realized that Johnny/Joshua weren't meant to be with us forever but that we were but a stepping stone to them going to the forever family that was meant for them).

Either way hopefully we'll have more information soon!

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Anonymous said...

How exciting!!!!

Email me their names, I'm sure I've seen them. :)
We've never applied for 3 sisters though. What site did you see them on? (Sorry, I'm just being nosy, you don't have to tell me! And no I won't apply for them, I'm just excited for you!)