Friday, August 6, 2010

Cheer, more tests and an inquiry

Yesterday and today, Brooke and her high school cheer squad are putting on a Little Girls Cheer Camp.  At first Lexy said she didn't want to go but then she changed her mind so I took her yesterday morning.  About half way into it I noticed things going downhill (look at the looks on Brooke's and Lexy's faces).  Lexy came up to me and said that she DOES NOT want to cheer.  Because I had already paid the $15 I made her sit and watch the rest of the practice yesterday but I couldn't bring myself to make her sit through it again today.  Lexy just isn't going to be the cheerleading type no matter how much Brooke wants her to be :-)

After cheer camp yesterrday I had to take Lexy back to the hospital to have blood drawn to check for anemia.  The drs office had called on Wed. and said that while the other tests (EKG/x-ray) came back normal, they still want to look into the murmur that the dr. heard.  Lexy was scared about getting her blood drawn even though I'm always truthful and had told her that it would be a small pinch but no pain.  She fought us at first but then after it was all done she smiled and said "that wasn't bad", goofy girl!

Strangest thing...yesterday afternoon I found a sibling set of two sisters (4 &2) on another states website.  After having Mike and Brooke look at them I made an inquiry to get more information about them.  When I went back on the site later in the evening they were gone and still are this morning!  They had just been put on the site on Wed. so I don't know if they had just gotten a lot of responses and were overwhelmed, had already found a family or something changed in the case and they are no longer available.  I guess we just wait and see if we are contacted about them.  STILL no new profiles from our state! :(

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