Monday, August 30, 2010

The Weekend

We got our first glimpse of what our life will be for the next couple of months when on Friday we went to watch Brooke cheer for the first football scrimmage of the year.  The cheer squad did a great job!  After the scrimmage the cheerleaders put on the first dance of the year.

On Saturday, for family fun, we went out to the Drive In once again (this will probably be our last time of the season).  I absolutely love that we live someplace with such simple old-time family fun!  This time Brooke brought her friend Lindsey and we watched Cats & Dogs, Revenge of Kitty Galore and Ramona & Beezus.  Lexy wanted so badly to stay up for the second movie (even though the girls and I had already seen it) but about 15 min. in she was out!

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