Monday, August 23, 2010


Friday evening Lexy decided to have a tea party.  Everyone was invited but Brooke and I were both doing things on the laptops.  After Daddy joined her party, Lexy told Brooke and I "please come to my tea party...there's free WIFI available"  LOL I don't know where in the world she heard that (probably TV) but it sounded so darn cute coming out of her mouth...and I did join the party!! 

Saturday Brooke, Lexy and I went to the Kidsfest (Mike went to a movie w/a friend).  Lexy has always had a facination with people dressed as characters and this event was no exception, she had to have a picture with each one!

I wanted to also update on Lexy.  After doing an EKG, x-ray and doing blood work to check for anemia, we went back to the doctor last week for a recheck and the doctor said that all the tests came back perfect and his evaluation of her heart that day showed that her murmer was back to just a slight soft murmer.  So no more tests and no cardiologist appointments necessary!

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