Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of School!!

The morning went very well, no hurrying, arguing or back talk!!  Brooke woke herself up early and was done getting ready by the time I woke up.  While I fixed muffins, sausage and apple juice for breakfast, Brooke woke Lexy up.  Lexy got up and got herself dressed and then asked Brooke to do her hair, which she did without any arguing between them :-)  While I got ready Brooke and Lexy sat and ate breakfast together...

After breakfast we took pictures and headed off to school, ON TIME!! 

The big 1st Grader!!!!
The High School Freshman!!!
Brooke got dropped off first and then Lexy and I went to her school. Lexy decided last night that she DID want me to walk in with her this morning but had to make sure before we got out of the car that other mommy's were going in :-) She was a little nervous but excited to be there and no tears were shed!

Now I'm sitting in a very quiet house planning our 1st day of school dinner :-)

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debi9kids said...

OMGOSH! How wonderful that they were so great with each other the first day! (any chance that will continue all year? LOL)
They both look beautiful on their first day!