Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1 Week!

We got word that the best interest staffing for the 2 year old little girl is set for April 12th at 10 am!!  There are still three other families being considered with us so our worker keeps emphasizing that we may not be chosen by the team.  I let her know that we are ready for whatever is meant to be :)  If this little girl is meant to be our daughter then we will be thrilled but if she's not then we will move forward to find the child(ren) that are meant to be ours.

One more week and we will find out!!!!  I want to nest and shop SO badly but I'm forcing myself to wait.  I will admit though that I've run through in my head a million times what I want to do around the house and buy and what it will be like to have that sweet little girl as a part of our family :)


Amanda said...

Praying for you and for the team... and for the little girl. I hope the Lord guides a child your way soon, I can see that it will truly be loved.


Amanda said...
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