Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Okay so I assume that the best interest staffing for the 2 yr old little girl took place this morning at 10am as planned.  But do we know the outcome?  NOPE...and we won't until probably early next week!!!!!!

During a phone conversation with our adoption worker last night we were made aware that the adoption process has changed here in our great state.  It is now required that the team that makes the decision packs up all the homestudies and a report on which family that they chose and why and send it to SRS for approval before the outcome can be released.  So now instead of finding out if we have an addition to our family today we will have to wait the customary 3-7 days before finding out. :(  I am FREAKING OUT!  I have not been able to properly function since last night...I'm worried, hopeful, nervous, excited, stressed...a HOT MESS!  Why would they do this to families that are waiting to hear some of the most important news of their life?  This is TORTURE!  So if you see or speak to me in the next few days please forgive me because I may not respond in the correct way, do what is asked of me...heck I may not even acknowledge your existance.  My mind and world right now revolves around finding out if we have another daughter or if we need to continue our journey.

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