Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sad and Disappointed

Well I just got a phone call from our adoption worker...we were not chosen as the two year olds family.  But then neither was anyone else.  Seems that at the beginning of the staffing the adoption workers were told that the team had decided that they wanted to look for a family willing to take the 2 yr. old's 12 year old brother with her so they were not having a best interest staffing today.  One of the other families said that they would consider taking him so they will be included in the next staffing but the rest of us are out.

What a disappointment :(  We were just SO hoping that our wait would be over.

So we move on...

We are attending an adoption event this weekend.  The kids will be older than what we want but we will get to meet our worker's boss so maybe if she sees what great people we are it will help. :)

Our worker told us last night that a sibling set (b-4, g-3) that we had previously put our homestudy in for are once again looking for a family.  Apparently the relative that was going to take them backed out. 

So now the situations we have homstudies in for are...

Three siblings (b-3, g-2, b-1)
3.5 yr. old girl
Two siblings (b-4, g-3)
Special Needs infant adoption agency in NY

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