Sunday, April 17, 2011

Adoption Event

Papa & Grammy came down on Saturday to watch the girls so that Mike and I could attend an adoption event (3 hrs. away) that we had been invited to. 

Adoption events are...weird.  We, along with about 15 other couples, were told that we would be helping the children do an art project.  We could help, talk and listen to the kids but we were not to mention adoption.  The kids at the event were between seven and seventeen so I would guess they knew exactly why they were there.  We could tell that most of the kids felt very awkward and we kind of felt awkward too since there were no kids there that were in the age range we want to adopt.  We didn't want to take too much time with any of the kids for two reasons...1. we didn't want to take any time away from a couple that could potentially be a match for that child and 2. we didn't want a child to go home thinking that they might have found their family b/c we spent the whole event talking with them.

The art project at first sounded really weird but it turned out to be quite neat.  The project was called "Walk a Mile", the kids chose a shoe and decorated it with all kinds of craft supplies to represent their life story.  At the end of the event the kids shared what each thing on their shoe represented and many ended up telling quite a sad story of their life.  :(  I kept thinking how different those shoes would have looked if done by our girls.

They had papers on the table that the adults could color to tell about our life so I decided to do one...

toe - red - Mike and I's love/marriage
pink - Brooke
blue - foster children that we have had to say goodbye to
green - Lexy
white - our next child(ren)

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