Saturday, April 2, 2011

THE birthday present...

will hopefully be ready by Brooke's birthday!  We have been looking diligently for the past couple of months for a C.A.R. that was decent or could be made decent for a good price.  Those are hard to find nowadays!  Brooke had a few must-not-haves, the biggest being that the car could not look like a box but for the most part she just wants a car! :)  Finally yesterday Uncle CJ called and said he had found one for a very good price that he thought Brooke would like (after it's fixed up of course!).

We went to look at it last night and even as ugly as it is right now...Brooke was in love!  She handed over the money she had worked so hard to make and save this past summer (and we paid the remainder).  So we are going to do an Extreme Makeover on this little car so it runs and looks pretty and then reveal it to Brooke, hopefully sometime around her 15th birthday!

So if anyone wants to donate to the fix up Brooke's ugly car fund (grandmas and grandpas???) feel free! :)  We are so fortunate that Uncle CJ is doing the work but there's still plenty for us to pay, tires, a paint job, seat covers/steering wheel cover (zebra of course!) plus the many other things that I'm sure will come up between now and the reveal!!!

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