Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Adoption Scoop

Ok so I haven't given an update on the best interest staffing for the 4 pack of kiddos that took place on 9/27 because we still haven't heard the outcome.  We did talk with our adoption worker after the staffing and she filled us in on the additional needs and challenges that the kids have that were brought up in the staffing.  These kids will take a HUGE commitment and I'm really not sure that one family could take all of it on and be successful.


This past May we were set to be in a staffing for three kids.  We were the only family and were preparing for these kids to be a part of our family.  Two days before the staffing we were told that the foster parent was now (again) interested in adopting the kids and the team had decided to do the staffing with only the foster parent.

Several weeks ago, in passing, our worker mentioned that something weird was happening with that case.

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream that our worker showed up at our door with these three children saying "we had to move them, can you take them?" and pushing them in the door.

On Monday night:
We got a call from our adoption worker asking if we were still interested in adopting these three kids.  Of course we are!  She couldn't share why but she said that the children were being removed very soon from their foster home and the team's hope was that these kids could be moved directly to us for adoption versus going to another foster home.  She told us that there had to be a two week notice for a best interest staffing but that they would send out the notice the next day if we wanted the kids.  She also said that we needed to go ahead and pick out beds, bedding, etc. and have those things ready to buy because if it happened it would be a quick transition.  So you can bet we went "shopping" online that night and picked out everything we would need!

On Wednesday:
We got an e-mail from our worker saying that the notice was sent on Tuesday and the staffing was scheduled for 10/28!!  Now we wait for word that we need to go ahead and buy the beds, bedding, etc.!

As we know, anything can happen when it comes to "the system" so this by no means is a sure thing.  There are so many variables and this could all fall apart and lead our family to more heartbreak.  Our worker suggested we not share with our girls until we were sure of the outcome (b/c of past heartbreaks)...and that lasted all of five minutes and then I had to tell them.  So for now in our home about every other sentence includes the words "IF we get the kids..." :)

OH BTW...the children include a 4 yr. old boy, a 3 (later this month) year old girl and a 1 1/2 year old boy! :)