Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Adoption Update

I talked to our adoption worker yesterday.  I was wondering what the timeline would look like if we do indeed get the kids.  She said this is what it normally looks like...

Best interest staffing - Ours is Friday and we are the only family involved so we will be chosen.

Paperwork sent to SRS - They must approve the chosen family.  Worker said this usually takes about a week. 

File Read - we will travel to adoption agency office to read over the kids' file and say "yes" to the adoption.  We will do this as soon as one day after SRS approval.

Paperwork sent back to SRS - SRS will schedule a subsidy meeting.  We will travel back to the county the kids are in for the meeting and we will sign the APA (Adoption Placement Agreement).  Worker said this could take a couple of weeks to get set up.

Transition - Usually there is a 1 to 2 month transition plan made where we viisit the kids and then they visit us before moving in.

In our case everyone at our adoption agency will be working hard to get everything done as quickly as humanly possible but they don't have any control over the SRS portions of it.  Also there will be very little to no transition in our case, these kiddos will need to move to us immediately.  Worst case scenario we're thinking the week of Thanksgiving but hopefully it's sooner!

I hope the SRS approval comes quickly after we are chosen.  That is when we will be able to begin buying things and setting up the rooms.  Plus I'm tired of saying "IF we get the kids".   Lexy is so excited and obsessed with talking about the kids right now so I have to say those words many many times a day to remind her that this is not a sure thing. :(

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