Monday, October 31, 2011

It's a Boy...and a Girl....and a Boy!!

We were the chosen family on Friday at the best interest staffing and we were approved by SRS today (five days earlier than we thought!).  On Thursday we will take a three hour drive (each way) to sit for four hours and read the file.  After that we will wait for a subsidy/APA meeting to be set up by SRS, hopefully that will happen fast too!  Our children will move in soon after that meeting :)

I cried with happiness and relief when I got off the phone with our worker and then immediately started freaking out a bit about all that needs to be done in a short amount of time.  I know we can do it though so the freak out didn't last long.  I called Mike, messaged Brooke (who told her entire seminar class when she got my message) and told Lexy when I went to her fall party at school (she said "this is THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE".)

Our life, family and home are about to change big time and we couldn't be happier! :)


Deb Hamilton said...

Congratultions! I am excited for you! I will pray that everything turns out great!! Are you ready to have a family of 7? Better buy a big van! :+)

MyLinda said...

Thank you Deb! I don't think you're ever completely ready for a family of 7 but we sure are excited :) Thankfully we will "just fit" in our van with no room to spare!

Ashley said...

I found your blog through one of Christine Reed's blogs and I've been reading along, following your adoption journey. I just wanted to congratulate you and tell you how happy I am for you and your family with the news of these new additions! Best wishes & sincere contratulations!

-Ashley (interested in adopting with my husband, hopefully in a few years or so!)