Sunday, October 30, 2011

More questions

Even after two messages left, we did not hear back from our worker on Friday to reassure us that the staffing did indeed happen and that nothing new, crazy or devestating to us happened.  Ugh...while our worker continues to tell us that for her "no news is good news", I have never been able to live like that.  I need reassurance...perferably on a daily basis that all is still going well.

So Lexy could NOT stop talking about the kids this weekend.  Every two seconds she was bringing them up!  She is just REALLY excited and believes that they are meant to be a part of our family.  We sat down on my bed this evening and spent a couple of hours talking about the kids, how we would do the room (and how we would do it even if the kids don't come), their new names etc. and then Lexy started asking some hard questions.  Questions about foster care and adoption and how they work together and why some kids are adopted and some go back to birth parents.  She asked questions about why she was adopted instead of going back to her birthmom...and that's a hard truth to tell but we talked about it.  She had lots of questions and I answered each one.  Lexy had a hard time going to sleep again this evening :(

I knew that us adopting again would bring up some questions, thoughts and emotions for Lexy.  I'm just glad that I'm here to answer the questions, listen to her thoughts and reassure her that she has always belonged in our family and that she is SO very loved!

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