Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I'm sitting here with knots in my stomach.  I've already taken tums this morning.  I need to get out of this house...waiting on Robin to be ready to go.

Court was this morning at 8:30am.  Our adoption worker said she would call as soon as she heard the outcome.  The judge could decide that the fostermom doesn't have a case and end everything today allowing us to move the kids here and adopt or the judge could decide that the fostermom has a case and schedule a trial/hearing date to hear the evidence...which would most likely be months down the road.

The waiting and stress are getting to me.  I'm tired of not knowing what to say to anyone when they ask about the kids.  Especially Lexy, she is so excited about getting more siblings and she wants to talk about them all the time and it makes me so sad to have to continuously remind her that they may not be coming at all. 

I had already ordered several Christmas gifts for the kids...now they are arriving and with each box my stomach gets one more knot.  I have three car seats sitting unopened in my car...I don't know whether I should take them back.  There is a stroller, beds and bedding ordered and sitting at the store awaiting pickup...ugh.  I go Christmas shopping and tell myself not to buy anymore for the three kids but somehow there's always something in the bag for them when I leave...

I just need someone to give me answers.

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