Monday, November 14, 2011


After several conversations back and forth, a transition plan was made and approved by all involved today.  We were to have our first weekend visit this weekend with a final move in date of Dec. 8.  We had made all the plans to make it happen and were all SO excited.

THEN our worker called tonight and dropped the bomb.  Foster mom did indeed get a lawyer and petitioned the court to stop the move and allow her to adopt the children.  We knew this was a possibility but it SUCKS!!!

Thankfully court was set for next Tuesday (usually it takes much longer to get a court date).  I'm just hoping that this court date will result in a final answer.    I do hope that final answer is in our favor but ultimately I just want what is best for those three little ones.

So obviously the visit for this weekend was cancelled...and we're mad and sad and frustrated and confused. :(


Anne & James said...

Wow, that does suck. I've been following your blog for some time now and I can only imagine how frustrated you must feel. We have adopted international and it's a bumpy ride as well.
I hope and pray things get better for you and your family.

MyLinda said...

Thank you Anne! We are trying to stay positive. :)