Thursday, November 3, 2011

Long Day

Today was file read day.  Mike and I headed out for a three hour drive to the adoption office, sat and read three HUGE files (and there are still at least three more to read thru later) and then headed back for another three hour drive home.  Thanks to Papa & Grammy for getting the girls from school and staying with them until we got home!

The file read went as expected...we kinda knew what was important to look for and write down since we have done this before.  It is definitely sad to read about the life these kids and their parents, grandparents and great parents have lived.  It's all just a vicious cycle :(

We gave our official "YES" to the adoption placement and now we wait for word on what will happen next.  Normally at this point we would start transition visits while we wait for SRS to set up a subsidy/apa meeting but because of the circumstances in this case we are not sure how it will all go. 

There is still a chance that this could all be drastically delayed or not happen at all...and that scares me because our family is 100% committed to these little ones and we have already begun to consider them a part of our family.  Trying to stay positive...

Today I am very very thankful for my family :)

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Dustine said...

Will be praying for your family and the kiddos God will bring into your home. :)