Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Brooke!!!

Dear Brooke,

On your 16th Birthday I want you to know that I truly believe that you are one of the most amazing people in this world!  You are your own person...independent, headstrong, loyal, loving, fierce, crazy, goofy, compassionate, silly and smart (when you want to be!)...and you don't look to others for approval.  You are confident in who you are and what you do. 

You have a huge heart and fiercely defend those that you love or that you feel are being mistreated.  You choose to make the right choices instead of the easy choices even if it means going against what "everyone else" is doing.  You take chances and put yourself out there...you accept your triumphs and failures gracefully knowing that you have learned something from each experience.

You have carefully surrounded youself with friends that accept you just the way you are, would never intentionally hurt you and love you unconditionally...just as you do them.  Now that you are sixteen and permitted to date, my hope is that you will look for those same qualities in a boy.

The next couple of years will be bittersweet as I watch you become even more independent in preparation for going out into the world on your own.  I hope that the one thing that we can hold onto is our close relationship, even when we drive each other crazy!

I want you to know that you make this momma so proud of the woman that you are becoming!

Mom <3

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