Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Mike was such a good hubby this year for Mother's Day. :) I had confided to him that I had never really fully enjoyed Mother's Day because I am too worried about making plans, etc. for the day.  He stepped up to the plate this year and made all the plans for the day, picked out wonderful gifts for me, did some of the honey do projects around the house that I've mentioned and then took Lexy on a long walk while I just relaxed at home by myself (Brooke was at the HS graduation ceremony).

We met Mammaw & Grandpa Tom, Papa & Grammy and CJ & Jessie and Ashley, Tori, Sheila, Toby and Johnny at Golden Corral for breakfast this year.  It was fun but way crowded and we really didn't get to sit around and talk much.  I'm thinking that maybe the picnic lunch we had at our house last year was better for us since there was more time to talk and the kids had a place to play plus hopefully next year we'll have more kiddos too. :)  We'll see,  I am just thankful that crowded or not I got to spend time with the most important people in my life.

Some pics from the day...

Toby - Brooke - Johnny - Ashley - Sheila - Tori - Lexy

CJ & Jessie with Toby, Tori, Ashley, Johnny and Sheila

Mammaw & Grandpa Tom

Papa & Grammy

My gifts included a family birthstone necklace from Brooke and a handmade ring and bracelet (made with beads and dried potatoes!) and a sweet card from Lexy also a saphire necklace and earrings and some flowers! I am SO blessed to have such a wonderful family!

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