Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Adoption Update

1.) Sib set of 5 (g-4, g-3, b-2, b-1, b-2 mos) - PRT set for May- May 29th PRT date.  Today the adoption team asked for our information to review.  A phone conference will be set for May 30 or 31.  At this time we are still the only family interested if foster family doesn't change their mind.
2.) Sib set of 3 (b-3, g-2, g-almost 1) - PRT happening soon - PRT set for May 10.  Friends of the foster family are interested in adoption...not sure if other families will be looked at or not.
3.) Single child (g-3) - PRT set for April - PRT sched. for April 30, have not heard outcome.  Sounds like several families interested.
4.) Single child (g-1.5) - PRT happening soon
5.) Single child (b-4 mos) - PRT set for end of April

PRT (parental rights terminated) - after this happens it takes 4-8 weeks to get back the JE (court journal entry) and then a BIS (best interest staffing to choose a family) is set. **We were told that the BIS can now be scheduled before the JE is rec'd so hopefully that will speed up the process!

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The Popes said...

Man! We've been waiting for a call for a few months. I was starting to think foster care was shut down! This is encouraging to me. Of course I wish it wasn't needed at all but since it is, I'm ready to take in more sweet kids!