Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Party...Sweet 16 Style

About noon on Saturday we (Brooke, Taryn, Marley, Suzy, Natasha and I) headed up to the city.  Our first stop was the mall where Brooke spent some of the money that she had been given by us and her friends for her birthday.  After about three hours of shopping we headed to the hotel to check in, unload the van and relax for just a little bit before heading to the movie theatre.  The girls chose "21 Jumpstreet" to watch.  After the movie we went to Target for more shopping and then headed back to the hotel.  The rest of the evening was spent swimming, talking/giggling, ordering and eating lots of pizza and gorging on homemade cupcakes and candy.  Lindsey had to work all day but did make it to the hotel late that night.  Courtney ended up sick and didn't make it.  I think everyone was out by about 1:30am.

The girls were up again before 7am and about 8am headed down to eat breakfast.  After breakfast they all (except Lindsey) piled back into the bed and slept until 10am when I woke them up to head home (in the rain!).

Brooke has awesome friends.  There was love, laughter, teasing and fun all day/night long and absolutely no drama...just the way it should be!!  I hope Brooke is blessed with these kind of friendships forever!

The invite


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