Friday, September 18, 2009

Focus Friday

Last weeks goals...
1.) Continue to walk/organize/post items on Craigslist. Still working on these!
2.) Enjoy family time...we have soccer practice, soccer game and football cheerleading this week :-) Wow what a busy week and we have another soccer game on Sat.!
3.) Celebrate Mike and I's 15 year anniversary. Because we have such wonderful friends we will be celebrating our anniversary on Sat. by dropping off Brooke & Lexy at Robin/Shilah's and going out to Applebee's a watchng a movie!
4.) Continue to put in applications and prepare to talk with a new adoption agency. I put in a few more applications and had an interview at Target yesterday. As soon as I get a part time job we will begin the process of being accepted into a new agency's adoption program :-)

This weeks goals...
1.) Walk/organize and get EVERYTHING listed on Craigslist.
2.) More interviews and hopefully get hired for a part time job. If I do get hired, contact the adoption agency to get things started!
3.) Enjoy my birthday.
4.) Buy at least one more Christmas gift. I've been trying to buy one or two a week to get a start on the season.

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Anonymous said...

You just reminded me I wanted to post our profile a few more places this weekend.