Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Weekend

After the fun of celebrating my birthday on Friday night, we decided to stay in on Saturday. That is until the afternoon when both girls got VERY bored and started talking about places we could go. Lexy even went as far as to write out her own list of things to do. So we got dressed (yes we were all still in jammies!) and headed up to do the first thing on Lexy's list which was to ride the escalators at the mall...what you don't go to the mall to do that??? Considering that the money situation is tight right now we thought the escalator idea was excellent! We went up and down the escalators about a dozen times and looked in a couple of stores and then headed to our next destination which was dinner. We decided on Denny' eat free on Tues. and Sat. nights you know! After dinner we finished our evening by visiting Toys R Us (another place on Lexy's list) where the girls "shopped" for Christmas ideas while we took notes. A very inexpensive but fun afternoon!

On Sunday I had my orientation at Target from noon to 3pm so I knew I had to be organized to get everything done. After cleaning the bathroom and straightening the living room/kitchen I started dinner in the crockpot. Then I made my grocery list, all before leaving. The orientation went fine, it ended up lasting only about 2.5 hours and most of that was spent watching a very boring video on how to say "can I help you find something?" and safety tips (so you didn't poke your eye out or cut a finger off like the people in the video). The only thing that I'm not really going to like about this job is the fact that they don't have set schedules, you just work whatever they put you on the schedule with my first schedule I will have to miss Lexy's last soccer game and one of Brooke's football/cheer games...doesn't make for a happy mama!! I went to the grocery store on the way home and was so happy that dinner was already almost done thanks to the crockpot. I fixed the rest of the dinner and we sat down to eat...

Now, I have been trying a couple of new recipes every week since the beginning of the year and we had yet found one that was inedible...until last night!!! I had made an orange chicken recipe that I found online and even though Dad & Karen had given me a recipe that they had tried that was very good I choose to try the one I found...mistake! After the first bite I knew that we would be visiting the fine dining establishment of Sonic for dinner :-) Oh well one out of the dozens...could be worse!


Anonymous said...

So cute that she made a list!

MommyAmy said...

Have you checked out the blog A Year of Crockpotting? It's great! She used her crock pot every day for a year, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. She gives great reviews with photos of her results. :)

bks2plz said...

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