Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Be Happy

Yesterday turned out to be a no good rotten stressful day! It started out with my new van STILL making the squeaking/squealing noise that we (little brother & I) thought we had fixed on Friday. The noise is now SO loud that I am totally embarrassed to drive anywhere!! I was pissy all day yesterday because of that squeak!

Then I went over to switch over the tags from the old van to the new (tried to do this Friday and the dealership had messed up the title so I had to drive back up there for them to fix it). Come to find out, you have to have sold the old van to switch over the tags...SO I had to pay the full price for new tags since the old van is still sitting in our driveway while we try to decided what to do with it :(

I was so stressed after that that I plopped myself on the couch to watch a movie for the afternoon...BUT the DVD player didn't want to work UGH! I did finally get the movie to play on the laptop but by then I just wanted a nap so I slept thru some of the movie.

When I picked Brooke up from school I told her about my day and that I was pissy, her response..."oh great" hehe! We then went to pick Lexy up from her afterschool PE session that she has a few times a week for the next couple of weeks. When we parked, the car in front of us had a licence plate that said BE HAPPY...I really did try to take that advice for the rest of the evening but I'm pretty sure if you asked Mike or the girls they would tell you I didn't do a very good job :-)

So today is a new day, cloudy rainy and dreary but a new day none the less. My goal for today is to focus on all the good things in my life and BE HAPPY!!!!

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