Thursday, January 21, 2010

Better Day

Yesterday was a better day! Well except for the fact that after further checking little brother determined that my van needs a new alternator...a new $317 + labor alternator :( If you don't laugh you'll cry is my new motto :-)

I'm really hoping that all this stress and chaos is meant to be preparing us for the stress and chaos we will be experiencing with the changes to come in adding to our family this year!! Speaking of that...

Yesterday I finished up all of my end of the adoption packet paperwork except for two things, health assessments and fingerprinting. I'm waiting for a call from the adoption worker about those two things before getting them done and then we'll be ready to send back our packet. I'm really getting excited!!

I haven't updated on Brooke and Lexy in a while so here goes...

There's been the normal teen girl drama stuff going on with Brooke :-) Her cheer squad has begun cheering for boys basketball and she's loving it. She's getting a little nervous that in less than two months she'll be trying out for high school cheerleading...this is causing mom some stress too!

Lexy has been doing great! She couldn't wait to go back to school after Christmas break and was disappointed when they had several snow days...not only b/c she couldn't go to school but that it was too cold to play in the snow! She was very upset that we did not get to make a snowman so hopefully we get a little more snow to do that (did I just say that??).

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Yaya said...

It always amazes me how adopted children and bio children look identical. It's like God has those adoptive children perfectly planned out for our families!