Sunday, January 3, 2010


Just got word that schools are closed tomorrow!!!!!!!

I wouldn't mind at all but I am SO tired of being stuck inside because of the snow...and so are the girls (they were actually looking forward to going to school!)! Here in KS we are used to seeing snow and then watching it disappear the next day. There has now been snow on the ground for a week with more falling about every other day! Word is there will be NO melting at all this next week, haven't heard if there's more snow coming.

I was looking forward to having a quiet house tomorrow to work on getting pictures onto the computer and made into scrap pages...and just having a quiet house in general!! Mike does have to go back to work tomorrow on light duty so I guess that will be one less in the house.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. One more day, you can do it!

Stephanie Faris said...

Ugh! We haven't had snow here but I always find myself wishing for it...just to be snowed in ONE DAY. That's the day is great but after two or three days you really start to go stir crazy!