Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Adoption Update

STILL have not heard anything about a best interest staffing date for the twin boys/little girl sib set. We did hear a couple of weeks ago that they are still waiting on the court documents and our worker thinks they may be waiting on another homestudy :( Did I mention I'm not a very patient person????

We have found another sibling set that we are asking our worker to put our homestudy in on. They are from another state, a little 2 year old boy and his 1 year old sister. The little girl has some delays that we are asking for more information on.

Tonight I found another little girl in another state to inquire about, I sent her worker an e-mail. She's 1 and doesn't come with any siblings but Oh so cute :-)

Adopting from a different state was something I wasn't sure we would explore b/c of the extra paperwork, waiting and traveling involved but we just aren't getting any profiles to even consider from here and we realised that just maybe our child(ren) aren't here so we decided to widen our search. Only God knows where our little ones are so we are being open to whatever may come our way :-)

I'm just so ready to move forward with all of this and find OUR child(ren)!!! I was so relieved when we stopped fostering b/c it meant that we could finally be away from all the sitting and waiting (for workers, courts, decisions, etc.)...now we're right back in the thick of it :( But I DO believe that we will find our child(ren) soon and it will all be worth it :-)

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