Friday, July 23, 2010


I've learned the hard way in the last 24 hours that I LOVE my air conditioning :-)

Last night we had an impromptu family campout in our living room after losing power in part of our house (the part with the window air unit). At first we were told it was on our side but I'm sure glad that the emergency 24 hour electrician that we called never called back (so we didn't have to pay him) b/c later in the evening we found out that the problem was indeed on the city side. When we called back to the city to say they needed to fix it we were told that "the crews were out all night last night with routine maintenance and they are too tired to come out tonight so since your problem is not a fire hazard you will need to wait until the morning" UGH!!! So we got to experience our first (and hopefully last) family a hot hot living room.

The crew finally showed up at 8:30 this morning and had to put in a whole new service, I'm just glad to have air again!!!! And really glad that it wasn't something that we had to come up with money for!

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