Saturday, July 31, 2010

Square One

I'm frustrated and disappointed about the whole adoption process. We are essentially back to square one :(

Our worker got an e-mail back from the 2yo boy/1yo girl sib set in another state and she says that there are now a couple of relatives that have popped up. They may only want one of the two children. We aren't going to pursue these little ones any longer, it sounds like the case is still in limbo.

SOOO now with the twin boys/little girl sib set most likely staying with their current foster parents we are starting all over again. We haven't gotten any new profiles from our worker and we haven't found any kiddos on any other states website that have caught our eye. So we wait and wait and wait...have I said I'm not a patient person?

I may just be feeling extra frustrated today as I'm sitting here with a sick little girl (Lexy still has a fever and sore throat), tomorrow will be better :)

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Stephanie Faris said...

Ugh! I've heard so many things about the frustrations of adopting. I hope it all works out soon for you.