Friday, July 23, 2010


Well it's been an interesting couple of days.

The little girl (1yo) we inquired about...well I'm not sure why she is even on a waiting child website. Her worker replied that she would love to receive our homestudy but that the foster parents as well as a relative are interested in adoption so they would be considered first. So why would we submit our homestudy??? We are not in this to "steal" a child from someone that already loves her :(

The twin boys/little girl sib set...there will be a BIS staffing at the end of Aug./beginning of Sept. BUT the reason for the wait is that the foster parents have now decided that they might be interested in adoption so we are now waiting for their homestudy to be done. Our worker says there are some "concerns with the family" but again we are not in this to steal kids away from loving this one we will just let play out and see what is decided.

2 yo boy/1 yo sister sibling set...our worker has agreed to contact their worker to find out more information and send our homestudy. Our worker expressed that she would rather us adopt from our state but that she understands us looking elsewhere.

I'm feeling a little discouraged but still hanging in there. Only God knows the plan for our family and we will see his plan in his time. We are still excited!

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