Monday, August 15, 2011

1st Day

Another first day of school is upon us.  I have such mixed emotions about school starting...I'm one of those moms that actually enjoy having my kiddos at home so it makes me sad to have this quiet house to deal with again but it makes me happy to see the girls' excitement at getting to see their friends and the chance to learn and grow.

As per tradition, I fixed breakfast while the girls got dressed in their new 1st day of school outfits.  Then we took some pictures, Brooke said "I am NOT holding that sign" but she did to make mom happy. :)

Then I watched as my 15 year old baby...yes she's still my baby, get into her car and drive away.  Oh what knots that put into my stomach!!!  We agreed beforehand that to keep this momma's nervousness in check that Brooke would call when she got to school to say "Here" and hang up...ya know anything more would be utter embarrassment for her :)

Lexy has been telling me for weeks that she would "allow" me to walk her in to school on her first day but when we got there this morning she asked if she could walk in by herself :( yep she's growing up too fast!  Sweet thing kept saying "but I love you so much mommy" to make me feel better :)

So now I sit in a very quiet house (except for the TV that is only on for the noise) planning a special 1st day of school dinner (tacos) and dessert (brownies) while I wait for time to pick Lexy up!

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Angelica Lynn said...

I love this post! hahaa You sound like such a great mom (and I'm only 17).
Want to know what my parents did my freshman year of high school? They walked with me to the bus stop and stayed with me until the bus came, which I found to be a bit much since the bus stop was literally in front of our house. They did so for the entire first semester until I confronted them about it. It was so embarrassing to have all the upper class students stare at me. I bet in their head they were thinking "what is she 7 years old?" or "why is her grandfather with her at the bus stop?" (my parents aren't young let's just say that). I guess at the time it was just hard for them to acknowledge that their children will eventually grow up, and go through stages that require them to let go just a little more!
I guess what I'm trying to say is that no matter how much we grow up, and how much we might hurt your feelings because we want to grow up, you just have to keep reminding yourself that your children love you very much, the same way I told my parents that I loved them when they started to cry because it wasn't necessary for them to walk me to the bus stop when I was only 10 feet away.