Monday, August 8, 2011

Extreme Home Makeover

We had heard on the news that the Extreme Home Makeover show was being taped in a nearby town this week.  Saturday they were going to do the big reveal so we headed over to watch.  Most weeks we watch the show so the girls were excited to get a glimpse of the stars.  We stopped over at the sight about 11am to take a few pictures and found out the reveal would happen about 7pm.  We headed back into town to waste a few hours before heading back out at 4pm to get a good spot.

Fortunately they had bleachers set up for spectators (and we got a spot) but it was HOT!  We had snacks, drinks, things to keep the girls busy and an umbrella to try to keep the sun off of us so it wasn't unbearable.  The crew was wonderful about handing out (free) water and gatorade all day but the sun and heat were just too much for some and EMS had to remove several sick people throughout the day.

Before filming started one of the designers, John Littlefield, came out to the crowd and signed autograghs.  Brooke got one, Lexy only wanted Ty's autogragh and was disappointed that he didn't come out.   Filming began about 7pm and we got glimpses of the designers Ty, Paige, John and Ed.  We heard that Paulie was there earlier in the week but didn't see him at the reveal. 

A little after 8pm we decided to leave.  The girls weren't feeling well, were tired of standing, were hungry and the SLOW process of filming had lost their interest.  So while we saw motorcycles and servicemen go by about 4 times, the limo go up and down the street about four times and a fake family walking up to the house we never got to see the real family or say "Bus Driver, Move that Bus!".  Lexy had even made a sign but the crowd was told that we would not be hollering the words because the father of the family has PTSD and loud noises were a trigger for him.

All in all we decided that it was a hot exhausting day but it was worth it to experience something new!  Oh BTW the house was beautiful, 4000 sq. ft. and we heard it had a big pool in the back!

Of all things I forgot my camera, I had to use my phone so I couldn't get up close pics of the stars :(

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